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My 35 year career teaching college math and applying corporate data was very frustrating. Campus outrage keeps students too torqued up to focus on math studies. Bureaucrats focus on "optics" - not facts and logic. In both cases - independent thinking suffers in favor of celebrity authority and group think.

Self-governing people must research, think, and speak for themselves. We are now learning the hard way what happens when we let "experts" do our thinking for us. I created MyTake.Live to help us research, think, and express ourselves on social media. 

America's decent into group think and the loss of independent thinking shocks me. We must be locked down but the rioters can do as they please. Really? Obvious fraud  - to anyone who thinks for himself.

Declare your freedom by thinking and speaking for yourself on social media rather than posting what someone else said. And you would like to do that, but the research is hard. MyTake.Live makes the hard work easier and fun.

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David Goloff PhD

Activist Data Inventor

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