Live News and Editorial

The heart of MyTake.Live is a continually updating bank of news data. Hosting this data ourselves frees us to present the information as it comes in without bias, censorship, or any propaganda on our part.

News Feeds

A moving newsfeed allows you to browse the latest news and search results.
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Newsclouds take you beyond individual news items up into the big picture.
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All at Once Search Results

240 search results are displayed all together all on one page - no pressing next page to see just a few search results on each page.
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3D Unbiased Search Results

Results from leftist, mainstream, and conservative sources are separated into three side-by-side columns
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Grab Box

Save items to the grab box so you can read them later or include them in your own take posted to social media.
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Post Your Own Take

Have an insight that no existing online news/opinion item conveys? Easily create your own and post it to social media.
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Weekly WATM Meetings

We are the media. Let's meet online and talk about that.
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Back Up Your Meme

You have a great meme, why not back it up with some online news/opinion items? Add credibility to your meme.

Create Fact Check

Use our built-in Bible, US Constitution, & Federalist Papers. One click applies passages to your fact-check. Then apply your own truth rating with our truth meter.

Share Censorship Occurences

Help create our online censorship repository. Or use our censorship items as part of your own post to social media.

Compare Time Periods

Easily compare the latest news to a month or two ago.