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Online Toolkit makes it easier to find the information you need and use it.

MyTake.Live makes us smarter.

Mainstream media, Hollywood, and academia are working against us. They are tightening their grip. Time is running out. We need an edge and we need it now. MyTake.Live is that edge.

Getting smart takes work.

MyTake.Live is a set of power tools to make the hard work easier. See the big picture, compare viewpoints, scan large search results more easily. (and more)

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See the Big Picture

Get the toolbox you need to see the big picture by comparing viewpoints. Because the viewpoint determines what the facts mean.

Easily Share Your Insights

MyTake.Live makes us smarter. See big picture, compare viewpoints, and share your insights. MyTake.Live makes it easy to post your insights online and back it up without starting your own blog.

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