Make the Matrix
Your Toolbox

Use the news for building
blocks of your own take
to take control of the narrative.

What is MyTake.Live ?

MyTake.Live is a web platform (an online tool) that enables you to use news items as building blocks to support your take. Your viewpoint takes the lead with news items subordinated to your take.

Think for yourself !

The oligarchs want to limit us to repeating the statements of professionals, academics, celebrity journalists, bureaucrats, experts, and people on TV. With MyTake.Live you don't repeat the news - you use the news.

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See the Forrest - Use the Trees

MyTake.Live helps you research, overview, compare, and contrast a matrix of news and opinion items. You see the matrix and use the particular news items.  Also, MyTake.Live instantly creates a featured image for your social media post based on your viewpoint

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